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Being able to "connect the dots," gain insights, and change behaviors can bring great relief and a sense of hope.I enjoy helping individuals, couples, or families cope with past, present, or chronic stressors and regain power and control over their lives and relationships. Joy uses her compassion and down-to-earth nature to provide an environment where clients can feel safe to be their authentic selves.She understands that seeking change, or something different, is not an easy process.

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Those who are ready to commit to the counseling process will certainly benefit the most from my approach.Joy forms collaborative partnerships with her clients when developing therapeutic goals and a plan for care.She uses mindfulness, empathy and insight to aid in the empowerment of clients.I am the founder of KM Institute; a private practice that is dedicated to customizing your unique needs in order to ensure an effective 'fit' for your therapy process.

I bring 17 years of experience working in schools, jail, residential, emergency room, and outpatient settings.Do you long for acceptance and happiness, both within your self and your love relationship, as well as friends? You can move forward embracing your inner strength and wisdom.