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04-Oct-2019 18:50

Featuring a twist ending that rivals anything Matheson wrote for , this influential sci-fi horror novel will keep you hooked from the very start!

Raised on Mars, Smith is the result of a -type situation in which he was abandoned there as a child… This book is the ultimate speculative study of nature versus nurture, with Smith rediscovering his “own” people in countless surprising and moving ways. She has barely any friends and little brother, Charles Wallace, is a child prodigy.

And to make things worse, her father is mysteriously missing. Whatsit, Meg and Charles Wallace are set on a path to adventure that may reunite their family.

Between the compelling mix of sci-fi and fantasy and our unexpected heroes performing spectacular interstellar feats, is an inspiring and exhilarating work for readers of all ages.

In this case, our hero is a book-burning fireman who becomes a part of the resistance over the course of this gripping novel.

Forget the Will Smith movie: the source material is still where it’s at.In , she crafts one of the first feminist works, telling the story of a shipwrecked woman who’s made Empress of the Blazing World — using her power to ensure that the land is “free of war, religious division and unfair sexual discrimination.”, indeed.