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They know what they're doing, and they do everything for you.

Florida Swingers If your family or non swinging friends found out you swing - - First off, GREAT QUESTION!! I am in idaho and not many active swingers on here from idaho.

It's kinda like those "What If..." comic book tittles you see now and again about your favorite super hero if they didn't turn out the way they did kinda thing. Party Group for Non-Redheads - Wouldn't such a group without such flaws be great?

In this case it's about swinging and what if (insert relative or friend here) found out we were swingers? - { a goofy parody, not to be taken seriously!!! We've been in this lifestyle awhile, have attended some parties and would like to throw a question out there for debate.

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It’s Just Lunch offers clients a chance to get acquainted over lunch.

Ed and Brenda how much do you tip the pizza person? It's just that I find tanned bodies to be much healthier appearing and, lets be honest, redheads don't tan -- they burn.

And when we have beach parties it really pains me to see all these redheads slathering on tanning solution yet still burning. I feel bad for them, I have great sympathy for their condition. I'm sure that SOME people find freckles to be attractive, just not me. I still haven't started my group yet, or announced a proposed party or time.

There's nothing wrong with freckles though, I guess. Should we create such a party group to exclude these freckled folk so that we don't all have to play Rorschach games trying to decipher if all those freckles connected represent anything? I'm awaiting all of your input as to this great idea and what you yourselves think about these redheaded swinger folk.

Oh sure, I could have just created a group or a party event and simply stated my preferences and given information as to how to join my group or party and how to prove to me that you're not a redhead. So post up your opinions so that I can decide whether I want to start this group or not!

Choose a city for a list of Florida Swingers in your area.

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