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16-Nov-2019 17:57

When you use your Clipper card with either a transit pass or cash value, a single or double beep will indicate the correct fare has been deducted or that a valid pass or transfer has been found.

Each time you pay your fare with cash, the card reader displays the fare deducted and shows how much you have left.

When you add value to your Clipper card either online or over the phone, your value will not be available immediately.

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Refunds are only available to registered cardholders and are limited to cash value and unused passes and tickets.

Clipper charges a administrative fee for processing a refund request; if your card does not have at least in value on it, we cannot process your refund request.

To get a refund, complete the Clipper Cancellation Form and send it to Clipper Customer Service along with your payment information.

If you are setting up Autoload for a transit pass for the first time, Clipper will charge your credit card or bank account you tag your card and load your pass on it.

When you first set up Autoload, the process is not complete until (1) we confirm you have provided a valid payment source and then (2) you tag your card to a card reader or fare gate and activate Autoload.

Your refund request will typically be processed within 30 days.

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