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Each hat plays a role in her mission, which can be summed up by the excellent hashtag she coined: #disabilityisthenewblack. What I’m doing just feels really right and intrinsically fulfilling and like it’s what I’m meant to do,” says the undeniably glamorous doctor, clad in a black pinstripe suit with fur-topped shiny loafers.

Her fashion sense is more obvious than her wheelchair.

She waited all day, super anxious and excited for the chat.

When the time came, she expressed her difficulty finding a boyfriend, and the group leader’s advice was simply that it was going to take a really long time to find someone. “It was demoralizing.” Shortly after, while still in grad school in early 2012, a friend told her about the Ms. It was the first time she had heard about anything that combined ‘glamor’ with ‘wheelchair. She once told a doctor that she was completing her Ph D and received little reaction until she told him she was Ms.

Danielle always loved putting outfits together and shopping. Looking great in public is important to Danielle because “a lot of people have still never seen someone in a wheelchair, so I want the imprint in their mind to veer as far away from the stereotypes of frumpiness as possible.” Danielle is a super in-demand shrink, working with clients from all over the country.

Though she works with disabled and non-disabled patients alike, she designed her practice to be Skype-accessible, to make it easier for those with disabilities to come to sessions.

Bushnell looks at love and life from all angles—marriage and children, divorce and bereavement, as well as the very real pressures on women to maintain their youth…

Read more Another Father’s Day without my Dad, who left us in 2012. His last several years were difficult, filled with numerous medical issues and a wife who was unable to deal…

” It’s hard, but it’s not only about the disability.

“We’re often put in the ‘inspirational’ role and it’s just cliché! It goes back to the telethon days where we were used to raise money because ‘oh wow, my life is hard but Danielle is an inspiration, look what she goes through! In fact, in her psychology practice, she works on something she calls “dateable self-esteem” because, she says, in general people with disabilities often have high self-esteem with their families, friends, and careers, but not when it comes to dating.

She explains that self-doubt stems from thoughts like “who’s going to accept all my physical problems?

She wants the world to see that people with disabilities are also sexy and dateable and great romantic partners.

In 2013, she met the fashion designer Carrie Hammer at a benefit.She treats all types of issues–including situational anxiety, work stress, bipolar disorder and depression–but her specialty is in dating, sexuality, and relationships.