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Anyhow, the guards turn away from her, she reaches into her belt, pulls out a huge knife, rushes one of the male Israeli guards, and stabs him! He goes down, and other guards quickly pile on her and disarm her.

The guard sustained minor injuries in the attack and survived.

People rush out, put him on a stretcher, and as he is being carried off, you see, incredibly, that his ankle appears to be twisted a full 90 degrees!

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I do not understand the layout of this checkpoint, why it’s necessary, or where it goes to or from.There are some other kids watching and holding the poor guy down, and maybe some girls watching too. He takes forever to saw the guy’s head off, and reminds you of a butcher carving up an animal carcass. Rescuers are trying to get to her, but she’s just up there crying and won’t come down on the ladders.There are power lines near her, and a few times, like a dumbass, she reaches up and grabs them, and of course gets electrocuted each time.12 Year Old Pakistani Boy Beheads a Man: This has got to be about as evil is it gets. A middle aged woman, apparently mentally disturbed, climbs a utility pole in the middle of some seriously crowded Chinese city and won’t come down.

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The Taliban bastards in North Waziristan capture a US spy, probably an ISI agent in the area, tie him up, and give the knife to a young kid so he can kill him. The sheer mass of humanity below is breathtaking in itself.But for some reason, possibly poor grounding, she gets off pretty easy.

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