Sonos updating music library please wait

02-Feb-2020 07:44

” If your amplifier/receiver does not have digital audio inputs we recommend to get a USB DAC like Nativ Wave. come with a built-in amplifier, and 2) feature digital inputs (either S/PDIF, AES/EBU or USB 2.0).The following speakers meet these requirements: In addition to the powered speakers above you can also connect Nativ Vita to your amplifier/receiver via its digital outputs and use passive speakers.

You can control the Nativ Vita directly from TIDAL on your Smartphone by tapping on the Cast icon on the Now Playing screen in TIDAL.If all your settings are correct and there is still no sound we recommend to try connecting an alternative source to your amplifier/receiver/DAC to see if that works.It should also be digital and use the same connection as the Nativ Vita.After you have completed the clean up you should be able to copy the music folder to the Nativ Vita without any problems. If you continue to have issues please make sure to use Ethernet.

To solve the “-38 error code” issue please watch the following video tutorial. This error can also be related to an unstable Wi Fi connection.

Please also set the Nativ Vita as the Renderer in the apps (otherwise the audio will be output on your smartphone).

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