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He currently works in his father’s shop, Ford’s Firearms, a company that manufactures and offers ‘NRA Certified’ Gunsmithing. He currently designs and shares his creation with audiences through his social media and is seen promoting the merch.

I asked her about the recent family drama that has surrounded their business, the current events at Red Jacket Firearms (RJF), and her plans for 2015.

As of early 2018, he is working in his father's shop, Ford's Firearms as a spearhead of the company.

The company manufactures and offers "NRA certified" Gunsmithing. Kris Ford rose to fame as a star of the Discovery’s hit show, Sons of Guns.

In Joe’s defense, it would be difficult to operate successfully with the influence of my father in the shop for anyone in his position.” “Bottom line is I was expected to do it and I was pressured.

My dad was hovering over my shoulder when he asked me to write that statement.

Stephanie went official about her traumatic experience with father Will amidst two accusations by different women.

Joe never technically fired us, but ever since he took over we haven't had a voice or able to make any positive impact.They were featured on the show until its cancellation August 27, 2014.The series was canceled after Stephanie's father, William Hayden was arrested on multiple child molestation charges for several times.“Red Jacket for the past few years, has been run by Joe Meaux.

He has been the one making the final decisions on the day to day business operations and making plans to expand the RJF brand.Stephanie's arrest warrant stated that she witnessed the "intentional mistreatment." Bond was set at ,000 each, as per jail records.