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But before Baldur's Gate II: Shadow of Amn, dating simply wasn't part of the equation.Like the original Baldur's Gate, BGII let you customize a protagonist and make important decisions as you worked your way through an epic story.Awakening offers stellar tactics action and a compelling world, but the endearing dialogue that accompanies the romances you create is just as vital to the experience -- in terms of both gameplay and story.These days, gamers expect romance stories in Bio Ware titles (and even get mad when they're not present).In fact, I'm still meandering my way through the world, trying to squeeze every bit of enjoyment from the DLC.But it's not just the satisfying thud of my silver sword into the side of an odious beast or the thrilling rounds of Gwent that keep me playing, it's the stories, particularly the romances you can cultivate throughout the course of the game.It's all about finding a connection with another character, then seeing whether or not they're willing to reciprocate your feelings, which feels more realistic than "anyone can romance anyone" options from similar games.The Witcher 3 is one of my all-time favorite games.

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Just beware the inherent risks of dating two people at once, as that choice may come back to bite you.

Whether these games are tasking you with navigating dreamy daddies (and zaddies) or falling in love with your comrades while you save the world, each found a way into our hearts and minds.

I played Hatoful Boyfriend at the insistence of a gleeful friend.

And don't worry if the premise is too weird for you, HB kindly gives you an anime rendering of what your potential beau would like in human form.

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Aside from the girl-on-birdaction, you have your usual anime dating types (Tsundere, Oujidere, Kamidere, Yandere).

Romance is in the air in The Witcher 3, and so is the stench of a fire-breathing wyern.