Top 10 questions speed dating

04-Oct-2020 06:18

To know more about other ways to find a boyfriend please read how to find yourself a boyfriend.

Coming back to speed dating, it is important to keep a few pointers in mind before going on such events After all like any other social event speed dating also has some etiquette to follow.

That is there are some unwritten unsaid rules that every girl should keep in mind when planning to go for speed dating.

How do you speed date and find a perfect boyfriend through it? You are in the right place because here are some tips on speed dating- Girls, you are going out there to find a match for yourself. Being pretentious can be misleading to both you and the guy later on. Someone may fall head over heels for that blush on your face!!

We and many of our readers would love to hear how much fun speed dating is in reality.

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Candidates have to register prior to the event with a copy of their brief introduction.Being single sucks, especially if it's for a long time.