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07-Jun-2020 07:52

According to the study, trans children from supportive backgrounds who are engaged with supportive peers are no more likely to have depression than their cisgender peers.

Kids spend seven hours a day at school five days a week, so removing a protection that supports and keeps them safe at the place they spend most of their time is a devastating blow for trans students.

Viewers of the show’s live feed witnessed Moundiux ask his fellow houseguest Rachel Swindler if she’s a “real girl” on Monday, badgering her about her gender as she was trying to sleep. “JC starting a rumor that Rachel is trans and then proceeding to touch her adam’s apple even though she very clearly tells him to stop is reason #100 why I don’t like him,” wrote one angry fan on Twitter.Barack Obama implemented transgender bathroom rights last May to make it safer for transgender kids to use the bathroom at school that corresponds with their gender identity.This protection is some kids begin living as the gender they identify with before even entering school, while others transition in elementary, middle, or high school.Transgender teen Gavin Grimm's fight for his rights to use the bathroom is going all the way to the Supreme Court.

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He told the Huffington Post, "All I want to do is be a normal child and use the restroom in peace." The trans community needs our support now more than ever.

Trans Lifeline volunteers listen and support people from the trans community.