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29-Dec-2019 00:59

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Thanks for the link delgirl, those stickers might take the edge off until we can afford to redo the room completely. I don't think you have sufficient space to do tongue and groove where the bath meets the wall as the edge of the bath is not wide enough to accommodate the thickness of the T&G- you would definitely need to take the tiles off around the bath to be able to consider T&G. ) and cover the ugly window with a wooden venetian or sheer roller blind. Get blind with bit of colour that also has some beige and another white and get matching fluffy towels. To think most parents don't know that rearfacing DCs is safer?But to replace like with like is not hugely pricey and suites can be bought cheaply. To celebrate these everyday interior designers, we held our first-ever Mobile Home Makeover Contest in July, 2016.* The results were stunning.We received many high-quality entries, and we judged them very carefully. Maybe it’s time to start that renovation you always dreamed of.Add matching accessories such as a soap dispenser, toothbrush holder etc and save to get it redone. Whatever you spend (and it will still be a substantial amount) will only make it look like an 80's bathroom that's been given a cheap facelift.If it's in reasonable condition and not all mouldy with tiles falling off the walls etc, then I'd live with it for a year or two until you've saved up to do it properly.You can file away a look that appeals to you, or you can make a mental note NOT to copy someone’s style.Either way, looking at other beautiful makeovers will help you figure out your own project.

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Those taps are probably knackered said, 3 piece suite can be had from about £300 from a builders merchant.

I wonder how long I'd have to keep it before it became fashionable again...