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04-Oct-2019 06:49

the C bindings gtkmm) are packaged by the Microsoft vcpkg project for use with Visual Studio.

This provides a very simple way to setup a development environment to create GTK apps.

In almost all cases, using the packages from vcpkg or MSYS2 is much simpler though.

These instructions all assume you are using Windows 7 or later.

This is done by adding is the location where you cloned the vcpkg repository.

Once you install GTK as above, you should have little problem compiling a GTK app.

Credits: loosely based on // callback function which is called when button is clicked static void on_button_clicked(Gtk Button *btn, gpointer data) // callback function which is called when application is first started static void on_app_activate(GApplication *app, gpointer data) int main(int argc, char *argv[]) Windows The easiest way to install GTK3 for Python is by using Py GObject for Windows.

It offers an installer that installs most things you need to develop GTK appilcations.

Both of these repositories also provide packages for a large number of other useful open source libraries.Therefore, the package names include the You may use MSYS2 to build your GTK application and create an installer to distribute it.Your installer will need to ship your application build artifacts as well as GTK binaries and runtime dependencies; see the instructions above for vcpkg for more details. One important thing that the GNU licenses require is that you must also redistribute the source code.In MSYS2 packages are installed using the pacman package manager.

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Note: in the following steps, we will assume you're using a 64-bit Windows.If something breaks when building GTK or its dependencies using vcpkg, make sure to open an issue in the vcpkg issue tracker, instead of the GTK one.