Updating pioneer remote control

27-May-2020 20:05

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I do not have any specific contact information at this time, but you could try contacting Thomson or their subsidiary company RCA.

Update: Apparently Jensen/Recoton has gone into bankruptcy, and the video accessories division has been purchased by Thomson Electronics who is in the process of reorganizing.The connectivity doesn’t stop there since the Harmony Smart offers a smartphone app for both Android and i OS that offers up to 50 favorite channel icons, volume control and media playback. Instead, voice control is handled directly from your smartphone or tablet and speech recognition will help find your content faster.Beyond voice control, the Harmony excels at working with devices that are hidden in closed cabinets through its IR (infrared) and Bluetooth connectivity.* Please note that Home/Work location data on AVIC unit will be initialized when the Smartphone with AVICSYNC App is connected for the first time.

Please kindly set Home/Work location via AVICSYNC App.

* If you use i Phone 6 or later, AVISYNC does not work properly when the phone's "DISPLAY ZOOM" setting is set to "Zoomed".