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24-Apr-2020 05:50

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At this point, I have learned almost every major theory of game.

JOHN ELITE DOESN’T AGE AND IS IMMUNED TO JUNK FOOD, EXTREMELY COLD WEATHER OR HOT. This 10 hour a day bootcamp for daygamers makes it simple for you to get laid more which helps you same day lay and have complete freedom of your dating life, or finally get over the sticking points or weaknesses doing a live one on one training.

They have one more year of habits of filtering guys out. Women has so much power now they are destroying society. As a dating coach, women has no logic, they are like biomechanical machines without a logical brain, but emotions. Especially their decisions in the guys they choose. It will trickle down futher but for now you are the first ones on the chopping block.

UGLY WOMEN WHO ARE 5/10 NOW HAS EVEN MORE GUYS KISSING THEIR ASS BECAUSE THEY THINK THEY ARE EASIER. IN MY GENERATION IF YOU HAD 7 PARTNERS, IT WAS CONSIDERED A LOT FOR STATS. Ugly women has even more options vs the hotter ones who only has other higher value guys who has money, status or lifestyle. They have a small pool they can date from and filters harder. SECOND, MOST OF MY SHORT ASIAN STUDENTS HAS TO DO MORE APPROACHES THEN THE TALLER ONES.

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I found each one by itself, the pheromones stinks and people thinks its sweat or something. Both were not bad, but when I combined it with a speicfic ratio, then everything changed.

I am not talking out of my ass, I know what the fuck i’m talking about. Listen, game is going to get harder next year again. I’m sorry to say it, unless you are me a pro dating coach who can close on the first approach. If you are 5’8 and a half, you will be treated like 5’2. Fashion helps, muscles helps sure, but unless you make the height, its going to be way harder.

You guys who aren’t getting elevator shoes, forget just heel lifts. THIS MIGHT SOUND ABSOLUTELY CRAZY, BUT UNLESS YOU ARE SUPER GOOD LOOKING FOR THE FACE, DON’T BE DELUSIONAL.

The biggest record they have is someone eating 18 lobster tails. That’s all I ate and people around me kept getting more more since you are only allowed to eat one every time you line up…The shoes gave me more height.

Rather than being 5’7 I was actually close to 5’9 and a half.