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A famous example of misleading labels is Casals's cello which he acquired early in his career and played throughout his very long life.

He thought it was a Bergonzi (well, that's what the label said, didn't it? It wasn't until after Casals died that a thorough investigation established that it is in fact a Goffriller - very probably ;) For more information about the intriguing story of the Casals cello see, this video of the magnificent instrument being played after its refurbishment:

Editing to add that the main thing adding to the sale-ability of an old violin is a certificate from one of the big names.

Without that certificate, the label (as stated above) means nothing, except perhaps to the unwary.

This may or may not matter depending on the price point and putative maker of the violin in question.

If the violin is an old German violin from an obscure maker and the price being asked is in the low to mid four digits, I suppose the label probably does help, and it certainly doesn't matter.

Instead, I ask people to keep records of their bank transactions, which are verifiable through the bank, and would be much harder to fake.

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The state of varnish is a bit disappointing - that, plus the overall condition (any cracks on the back? Labels mean nothing until and unless authenticated by a respected expert, in which case you are correct, they add to the value.

I was informed by a friend of mine who was a dealer that Vincenzo Panormos made in Paris were exceedingly rare.

The violin then went to Moennig who said it was a George Panormo.

"A living modern maker who has made an instrument recently (in the last few years) will have given it signed paperwork to back up the label and also photos.

"Peter, I don't even bother with that anymore, since most kinds of photos and paperwork have become so easy to copy or fake.

This interesting old fiddle carries the repair label of noted maker and restorer Benjamin Patocka, Prague, numbered 7192 and dated 1927.

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