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- If a company is a reorganized, liquidated, bankrupt or other similar company and there is no unity of organization because of no effective control, the company is not a subsidiary.

- An effective control is a control over the decision-making body of a company.

This can be minimal depending on the advantages of other factors, but it could be a significant impairment to your ability to get lines of credit at good rates.

If this person is a spouse, you may find yourself getting better credit and interest rates by not consolidating your financial statements and remaining financially independent.

A portion of the assets and liabilities of the subsidiary that is attributed to the parent's interest is marked to fair value as of the dates of the investments, and the remaining portion of the assets and liabilities that is attributed to the minority interest is carried over with the book amounts on the legal-entity balance sheet. Even when a reporting entity adopts the partial fair value method, the portion of assets and liabilities of the subsidiary that is attributed to the parent may be remeasured at the date of acquisition of the control if such procedure does not affect in material respects the result of consolidation.

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If the amount of the consolidation adjustment is immaterial, the amount may be recognized as a gain or loss of the period of the acquisition. The investments and the net assets between subsidiaries should be offset, as if the offset is between a parent and its subsidiary. A portion of the net assets that is not attributed to the parent should be attributed to the minority interest.Just as much as consolidation can improve your credit, you can also lower your credit profile by consolidating with a person or business with worse credit than your own.

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