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New additions to the Whiting & Davis line were presented twice yearly for the spring/summer and fall/winter trade.Novel design twists were required to attract the repeat customer who might already have an extensive collection of mesh purses.The firm even ran an ad campaign in homemaking magazines with a coupon readers could fill out and return.Forwarded to clueless gift-givers, “this subtle, but helpful suggestion will tell him what you really want,” allowing the lucky Whiting & Davis gift recipient to “walk hand in hand with fashion”.The purses were created of the finest available materials – from precious metals to gemstones – and sported designs by such fashion mavens as Elsa Schiaparelli and Paul Poiret.

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Fringe was often utilized as a bag decoration – from rings, beads, and loops, to filigree in double rows or layers.Perhaps the thrill of owning one comes from the realization that there is really nothing else like it.