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24-Sep-2020 16:57

Whereas writing Loverboy is much more, you know, faster tempo, upbeat, celebration. When I wrote that record, it's exactly what I wanna do.Like I wanted to make a record that was aimed at a live show, a high energy live show because I have been playing so many years more of a stripped down folk show. I wanted to see people move and just go crazy, you know. The goal for Smoke and Mirrors was to do something that was just a little bit more relaxing.Listen to the river does it make you wonder How anything could ever stand still - Only Want You, yeah.That's one of the later songs that I wrote for the record. And my hope with that song is that people feel like the same way, you know. I've been living with these songs now for almost two years, some songs even more than that. Wanna feel the sunshine with you By my side I am, I am, I am, I am I am a wild child, momma. The time that I wrote the song, I was going through a lot of just..dealing with a lot of, who am I really, though. Just staying true to myself, you know and just reminding myself to just be who I wanna be and be the best that I can be.And that's what I mean when I say, "Get out of my head, get into my heart." So I went up into the mountains and climbed I got away from all the static and the sadness I won't be caught up in that anymore - Ultimately, I'm excited for them to hear the songs 'cause I just think it's a great batch of songs.

Without you I do believe I'm homeless And without you, it's true, I'm out of focus Gotta go now, I know now if I can live without you I will Without me...Brett Dennen - Music Biography, Credits and Discography : All Music Brett will perform at an intimate garden party in Piedmont, CA to benefit the Mosaic Project.Guests will enjoy fine wine and summer beverages, home-made and locally.Like you say, easy to listen to, a little bit more effortless to listen to.

But ultimately, something that was just a little more personal.

It's just a reminder that we have, like, an amazing connection, first and foremost. It's just a reminder that if you can fall in love, then you can fall in love again.

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