Who is ray william johnson dating anna

06-Mar-2020 17:55

On March the 12th, he posted his last Equals 3 episode, entitled Thank You For Everything, in which he said that he would no longer be making videos for Equals 3, but that since people still liked watching it, he would start casting calls to replace him.Anna Akana is the former girlfriend of Ray William Johnson, she is the co-owner of Runaway Planet (now named Runaway Machine) and the co-host of Runaway Thoughts (the podcast).Ray is creating and producing a sitcom which is loosely based on his life.ex-On December 30,2013 Ray tweeted that the show will end sometime in 2014 and that he wants to pursue other things outside of You Tube.Akana has also played a role in TV series, “Awkward”.She also got a role in “Ant-Man” movie in 2015 and the same year she also acted in the movie “Kids vs Monsters”.Anna Akana is now in a relationship with Brad Gage who is an American actor who is now 37 years old. They are often seen together on various occasions such as attending several Awards together as lovers.

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Akana also stars in the webseries, playing the role of the protagonist Riley Brown.

They broke up some time in early May 2014, as announced on his Facebook page.

Ray joined Youtube in 2008, but became more popular in 2009.

Anna Akana and Ray William Johnson had never confirmed their reasons for separation.

There is no other former list from Anna Akana besides to Brad Gage and also Ray William Johnson which are known by public.

After he moved to LA and created his own company, Runaway Planet, with ex-girlfriend Anna Akana, they first started making vlogs about their new company on Runaway Planet, which was a channel that started out as a place where Anna and him could make videos talking about their journey and eventually, their success.

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