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17-Oct-2020 04:16

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Unfortunately, they may sometimes block your client, with the result that your app won’t start..If you’re using a third-party program, then be sure to create an exception for Battlenet.If, like millions of gamers around the world, you’re a regular on World of Warcraft, Hearthstone or Overwatch, you’ll certainly be familiar with For the uninitiated, Battlenet is, quite simply, When Battlenet won’t start, however, the fun quickly stops.That’s why it’s important to try and fix whatever is causing the problem, so you can get back up and running in no time.

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The following steps below can help you test out any issues that may mean that Battlenet won’t start up.Click on the lock icon to edit your settings, and select “Read & Write” from the dropdown menu.

Hint: You may want to install data recovery on a partition that doesn't contain the data you want to recover.… continue reading »

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